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Call Out to Coders And Mentors!

Dhat Stone High Tech Learning Academy is inspiring LA’s youth of color to learn coding with Oculus Rift headsets, Samsung GearVR,  HTML, Unity 3D and  virtual reality development tools. We are preparing high school students for a virtual reality coding Hackathon on September 9-10, between youth of color in Los Angeles and Oakland, California called We Are Code VR Hackathon. Students will compete to create the best virtual reality application for a solution to a mission to Mars. Community participation is essential to motivating our urban students.  See details at:


We are seeking volunteer coders with background in Unity 3D, Virtual Reality development, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, for Saturday and Sunday September 9 – September 10 from 8:00am to 7:00pm.


The Columbia Memorial Space Center in Downey, California, 12400 Columbia Way, Downey, California, 90242. We’re seeking coding mentors who are available for both days  to assist student hackers in building the virtual reality projects to solve for a mission to Mars VR application. We want to empower the next generation of nerdy black and Latino kids to create their own tech startups, or prepare for Space X programs, and STEAM careers. Our mission is to help diversity the tech industry which is dominated by mostly white males.

If you would like to get involved or know anyone wishing to volunteer, speak, or work as a mentor contact: Dhat Stone High Tech Learning Academy at: 818-408-9761,  8:00am – 9:00pm Monday thru Sunday, Or email and register at: lamorganizer2